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Lynford Goddard (Photo by Brian Stauffer)

Lynford L. Goddard (Photo by L. Brian Stauffer)

Lynford Goddard

The Institute’s inaugural director, Professor Goddard has been involved in and spearheaded numerous diversity efforts. Since 2010, hundreds of K-12 students have attended on-campus summer camps he helped to develop, including Girls Learning Electrical Engineering, Brain Fitness Fridays, Illinois Summer Academy, Illinois-ChiS&E Alliance for Nurturing Excellence in STEM Education Leadership (ICANEXSEL), and I-STEM/Urbana High School Student Athletes in Research.

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IDEA Student Interns


  • Arieon Whittsey, English major
  • Erica Lowe, Labor and Employment Relations master's student
  • Maya Miriyala, Bioengineering major
  • Max Huynh, Computer Science major
  • Aadya Doma, Computer Science major

Advisory Committee