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Alumni Spotlight:

Dr. Damena Agonafer

Dr. Damena Agonafer is an Associate Professor at the A. Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, where his area of research interest incorporates the intersection of thermal-fluid sciences, renewable energy...

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May 2023


The IDEA Institute acknowledges and incorporates the perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of all students into its research. With a broader coalition of students, the goal of representation is met faster. 


With equity comes equal access and equal opportunity. Through its funding and research, the IDEA Institute strives to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels more valued and supported. 


At the IDEA Institute, we believe inclusion is vital for success beyond college. We're committed to uplifting underrepresented communities in our projects and curriculum to ensure inclusion at all levels.  


Persons with disabilities are recognized for their abilities, rather than their disabilities, or stereotypical attributes ascribed to their respective physical or mental impairments.